How to get your annual CPEs?

Any reputable IT accreditation (think CISSP, CISA, GIAC) comes with an ongoing, annual  maintenance effort, usually in a form of the Continuing Professional Education (‘CPE’) credits. Typically, an individual holding such certification is required to gather minimum 20 CPEs per annum and 120 CPEs over 3 years.

Lots of IT Pros complain about lack of opportunities to earn CPEs, which can’t be further from the truth. Let me break it down for you, how easy it is to obtain 40 CPEs per annum.

1. ISC2 or ISACA Magazines – 24 CPEs per annum.

2. Brightalk webinars (one a month) – 12 CPEs per annum.

3. Review of 2x IT related books – 4 CPEs per annum.

TOTAL = 40 CPEs per annum.


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